About No7

No7 is an own-brand within Boots, which means you will only find it in Boots stores across the UK and Ireland, and can now be found overseas as Boots leads the way as the No.1 Health and Beauty brand in the world.

No7 launched in 1935 as a series of deluxe beauty preparations, (skincare to you and me), and two years later, colour cosmetics were introduced into the range. Due to the breakout of World War Two, production slowed down over the coming years as they were seen as luxury items; however, the full range of products were reintroduced in 1949.

In the 1950's, Hollywood became a huge influence on the cosmetic market, so the No7 range was relaunched to give the products a more sophisticated look and feel. Making its first appearance back in 1965, the classic lipstick shade Gay Geranium was introduced, and is still one of the brand's most popular colours, reflecting the current trend of coral, orange lips.

As the cosmetic market became increasingly competitive, the brand was relaunched again in 1986 to give the brand a more modern feel, as well as the launch of No7 skincare for men. Yet, less than ten years later, the brand had another relaunch, aiming to give the brand a more premium feel, whilst still retaining its value for money, as well as its accessibility. 

After a Horizon programme, which aired on BBC in the UK in 2007, No7 became renowned for their beauty serums, and the Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum sold out across the country, and suppliers struggled to meet the overnight success and demand for the product. This is due to independent tests being carried out by the University of Manchester, which showed that the product was just as effective as products that were only available on prescription, to scientifically repairing damage to the skin's structure. Since then, No7 have launched four anti-ageing serums that have been clinically proven by independent tests to improve the condition of the skin for all ages. In addition to this, all No7 products are hypo-allergenic, which means they have been put through rigorous tests to ensure that they are kind to even the most sensitive skin. 

Alongside another relaunch back in 2012, No7 revealed a beauty first with the Foundation Match Made Service, (now the Match Made Service), which allows people to find foundation and concealer that is true to their skin colour, without the need for the traditional stripe test, and changing the way we shop for our beauty products.

Today, No7 has become the UK's biggest beauty brand, and is in a unique position in the market, as they continue to offer products and services of a premium quality to its cheaper competitors whilst still remaining affordable, and hopefully changing their image from being a brand for more mature ladies to a brand that's accessible to everyone.

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