Monday, 31 March 2014

My Introduction :)

Hi everyone, and welcome to DaisyLoop, my very own twist on a beauty blog!

My name is Emma, I'm 21 and reside in Preston, a nice little city in the North-West of England, UK. I know it looks like I'm jumping on the bandwagon, as everyone seems to have a beauty blog these days, but with my part-time job as a No7 advisor, I feel as though I can offer not just my personal experience, but a little bit of inside information too. 

With me being a No7 advisor, yes, a lot of the products I use are No7, but I wouldn't use them if I didn't have the belief that the products actually work! (Especially as I have oily/combination skin, and it has taken me years, by no exaggeration, to find both skincare and makeup that work best for me). Saying that, with my job being in the middle of a Boots store, I get to know many other items on the market, and in fact I do use some things that are by other brands and vary completely in price, because I feel you should use the products that you find work best for yourself.

Now that the awkward introduction is out of the way, first of all, could you do one thing and Follow my blog with Bloglovin?! 

Also, keep your eyes peeled for my first skincare post. (As you've got to know your skin before you even get started on your makeup; something I wish I knew growing up as an acne-prone, hormonal teen!)

Tip of the day: A smile is the best accessory for any situation. :)