Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bargain Gift!

Okay, so a slightly different type of post, but I couldn't not give this a mention! If you've got a man in your life, whether that be a brother, father, boyfriend or partner, and you struggle with what to buy them for their birthday, or dare I say it, Christmas, this is a must-purchase!

For just £19, the No7 Men Grooming Collection has all the basic toiletries a guy needs, with nothing too fancy. All full-size products, as well as being hypo-allergenic and designed for everyday use, means it's great for any age. The set, from left to right, compromises of:
If bought separately, the items would cost £44.75 altogether, with the set usually retailing at £40, this is a huge saving! The offer finishes on Thursday, and is available at larger Boots stores and at boots.com. Hence, I had to buy this set, especially as my boyfriend has a birthday coming up, as well as Christmas, of course! 

Have you spotted any bargains recently? Have you started your Christmas shopping?


  1. That's awesome defiantly gonna get a few! Great blog by the way! Check out mine garnerkatie.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. I know, isn't it great? Especially as guys are usually the hardest to buy for! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm on my way over to yours now :) x

    2. Thanks for looking! I've followed you :) x

  2. Such a good idea as Christmas is coming soon as well it's the perfect gift!
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